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The highest quality night vision conversions from Executive Technical Services

EI/ETS takes great care to provide quality NVG lighting conversions. Most conversions require FAA 8130-3 Airworthy certificates. EI/ETS has DER approvals for all conversion designs intended for TSO'd components. New designs are submitted for DER approvals before issuing 8130-3's.

Typical Conversion Process:

  • After being received and logged, the unit is sent to our FAA certified repair facility to be pretested to insure the unit meets all functional requirements before it is modified.
  • After pretests, the unit is issued a manufacturing inspection process and drawing package that defines the modification procedure.
  • The unit is then issued to the technician for modification.
  • After modification (which includes in-process inspections by QA) The unit is tested to insure the required NVG lighting parameters meet customer requirements.
  • Unit is final tested to insure it meets all FAA and manufacture functional requirements before issuing the 8130-3.