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Award winning service and repair – since 1961

EI is a STARS supplier for Lockheed on the F-16, F-22 and C-130J programs and received the BOEING Performance Excellence Award for the US Navy T-45 program. Executive Instruments, Inc. (EI) has been widely recognized for reliable service to the aviation industry. EI is a leader in repair, overhaul, exchange, modification and manufacturing of aircraft instrumentation and avionics.

  • 24-hour AOG service
  • Exchange pool of avionics and instruments
  • Loaner program for certain units during repairs
  • FAA DER approved Night Vision Lighting conversions
  • FAA certified instrument and avionics repair
  • Shockwatch™ packaging protection for sensitive shipments
  • Total teardown overhauls
  • System troubleshooting help
  • Automatic notification of customer shipments
  • Warranty provided for repair and overhauls

Talk to a person, not a machine

When calling Executive Instruments, you will engage with a knowledgeable person that cares about solving your problem efficiently and professionally at the best cost anywhere. The technicians, service representatives, engineers and support personnel at EI are dedicated to meeting any service and manufacturing need.

Pioneer in Exchange Programs

As a pioneer of the Exchange Programs currently in use today, EI works closely with manufacturers to keep current with today's technology through active training programs that meet or exceed manufacturer and regulatory requirements for every item serviced or exchanged.

ETS – aircraft lighting components

EI is internationally known for the manufacture of internal and external aircraft lighting components at its wholly owned subsidiary Executive Technical Services (ETS). Customers include the US government as well as major airframe manufacturers all over the globe.