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Executive Instruments has been synonymous with reliability and professionalism

Established in 1961, Executive Instruments (EI), and recently its wholly owned subsidiary Executive Technical Services (ETS), have been leaders in repair, overhaul, exchange, modification and manufacturer of aircraft instrumentation, avionics and lighting components.

Executive Instruments, Addison, TX corporate offices

As a pioneer of the Exchange Programs currently in use today, EI works closely with manufacturers keeping current with today’s technology through active training programs which meet or exceed manufacturer requirements for every item serviced or exchanged.

Customers include the US government as well as major airframe manufacturers worldwide.

The technicians, service representatives, engineers and support personnel at Executive Instruments, Inc. are all dedicated to meeting your service and manufacturing needs.


    EI was the pioneer in the idea of exchange equipment in order to keep aircraft in the air (1963).

    EI received unlimited approval for FAA Classes I - IV (1963).

    ETS established in 1988.

    ETS During the first Gulf War, ETS was responsible for the night vision goggle compatible lighting conversions in some of the US Navy attack aircraft. Discussions later revealed pilots with the NVG lighting systems installed were able to more easily avoid upcoming SAM missiles. No converted aircraft were lost during the Gulf crises (1990).

    EI / ETS personnel were asked to sit on the FAA sponsored ARINC SC-196 Committee to help write the document which would define the FAA requirements for civilian night vision goggle compatible lighting. The result is the DO-275 document (2001).

    EI / ETS added full FAA approved Avionic repair capabilities (2006).

    EI / ETS earned an ISO9001:2000 and AS9100 certificate (2008).